Friday, October 31, 2008


It's... it's Halloween!!! The time of scaring, fun, Halloween carols, aaaaaand FREE CANDY!!! Oh the many choices of what costume I could wear. I'm thinking about being a Hobo! Aah hobos, the cream of the crop of our society. Wait a Minute! Uuh Anyway, to celebrate Halloween... I'm doing another Edgar Allen Poe-m! (Iif you voted already, you have to do it again, Sorry!) Make sure to vote! (for a president, too!) BOO!!! I got you that time, didn't I!

Onto my Halloween... It's Awesome! First off, I have almost no school! I'm so ahead that I can take today off! Second, my Mom and I made a totally creepy pumpkin! Here's a spooktacular pic:
Oooh ee Oooh ee Oooooooohh! Now that's creepy!

Finally, I'm in one weird costume! If you know me... I don't dress like this! Actually, I'm dressed as my brother! So this is what I look like now!

Have a happy Halloween!!!


agoodwitchtoo said...

Great Pumpkin!!!

Happy Halloween and a Happy Belated Birthday (I forgot too...)


Angie Kelly Designs said...

Oh Josh...booga booga boooga! LOL
That pumpkin is AWESOME and your costume is FRIGGIN AWESOME. I hope you got lots of yummy goodness to snack on. Happy Howl-o-ween LOL

Any Occasion Boutique said...

OMG Joshie!!!! Look at you!!!!!!!! I love it :-D And great job on the pumpkin. Wow! So you are a master striker, poet, and pumplin carver. OH, and Halloween costume designer ;-) I hope you have a fabulous Halloween sweetheart.


manamoon said...

Oh my gosh Joshies, you're just too much!! Can you tutor me on how to write a great blog!?! WOW!! You look so "HIP" in your costume, ahahahah! and your pumpkin design came out great!!

D said...

Great blog as always bud. You put me to shame. This is the best costume, you really out did yourself with that one.

Laurie B. said...

Hi Buddy! Oh BOY I missed visiting your blog. This friend has been busy! I even MISSED All Hallow's Eve this year (boohoo) It looks like yours was fun and belated happy birthday to you! How old are you now, 35? Who one the PJ strike????? Your friend, Laurie B.

manamoon said...

Hah! I like Laurie's comment - yep, you're at least 35, if you count this life and a few years from each of the previous ones you keep tapping into!

Rocki said...

So I finally make my way around and low and behold I missed my Josh's ROCKn Halloween costume! You ROCK dude!

The pumpkin looks purdy darn scary, great job by your mom!

I'm sure you had a blast!