Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Edgar Allen Poetry

Everyone knows Edgar Allen Poe. After all, he made "The Tell-Tale Heart", "The Mask of the Red Death", and my personal (and most other peoples') favorite: "The Raven". It's not surprising that a poetic one like me (not to toot my own horn) would like him so much. But more to the point, I was working on a sad memoir (about my moving) when I thought I'd try to be a little poetic. I Began to like what I saw and decided to make it into a full-fledged poem. My sad and gloomy poem really reminded me of him, so I call it my ode to Poe. Hope you enjoy!

Twilight Town

The sun never rose and the moon never set

Life was nothing more than a despicable wretch

The trees never budded and nothing was grown,

For ash covered soil had made it a dead, dark brown

And everyone starved in Twilight Town

The moon never glowed and the sun never shone

The wind always made one big, eerie groan

No one ever shouted and there was always a frown

On everyone’s face in Twilight Town

The moon never went down and the sun can’t gleam

All is a nightmare, never a dream

A ray of hope can never be seen

The world has been deemed dreary and mean

The groans and the sadness couldn’t be drown

And the souls were never lifted in Twilight Town


manamoon said...

Wow Joshie, you amaze me every day! I'm so proud of you and just so happy you're sharing your talents with the world. A beautiful dark poem my dear!

Sakura said...

(^o^) wow you are such a talented poet!! Such a sad yet beautifully expressive poem.

Sharon your son is a creative G.E.N.I.U.S!!!!!!!!!

Sakura ♥

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Wow Josh! How old are you again?!??!!??? Unbelievable! I adore Poe and you did him so proud my friend. A beautiful ode. Well done Josh...its a wonderful poem! :o)

Any Occasion Boutique said...

"Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary..." Ah yes, Mr. Poe- dark yet amazing and oh so talented. And look at you, Josh! WOW!!! I am blown away by your master piece and pure honesty.

Rocki said...

I'm speechless Josh. That is a very touching and goosebump raising poem. Well done Josh, well done.

You, my man, are are indeed an old soul.

Good night.

Josh said...

Thank you for your kind words everyone! My favorite line is, "And my soul from out [its] shadow that lies floating on the floor Shall be lifted- nevermore! *bum bum buuumm*

Catherine said...

Wow - I'm very impressed!! What a fab poem!! I could never write anything as clever as that!!

Edd said...

Great Poem!!! do you have windows live messenger???

Josh said...

Thanks Edd! I'll ask my parents to put it on my computer. I'll tell when I have it on!

Any Occasion Boutique said...

Hey little man...just checking in on you to say HI!!!!

Rocki said...

Just want to say GOOD MORNING to my buddy! Hope you have a fabulolus Friday and a WONderful weekend!