Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Defending Your Rights: The Conclusive CONCLUSION!!!

Yes, it is! That figure really is Beary Bear and his Super Striker-Fighter Squadron! We're saved! Oh no! Actually... I don't think it's the time to be cheering just yet! Why you ask? Look in front of you!

I don't think the striking mob is taking it too well! They seem to be just a liiiittle mad. *CRASH* Aaaaaaaahhh! Run for your lives! *BOOM* Uuuuuuuuuhh

Oh My Gosh! Lizard-Man can't take Godzilla's fury! Looks like this hero is down for the count! Just goes to show you, Godzilla's bite is just as bad as his roar! Oooooooh... I can't look anymore!

Now this better! Sonic! Sonic! Crush that little, squishy octopus! Make him feel the PAIN! Although I must say, he needs to lose some weight!

Yes! Go Lucario! Stick it to him. Aaaaaah! I said to him not into him! Good Job, but not the way I'd do it.

Oh man! The strikers have the upper-hand again! I'm really mad! Grrrrrrrr! Beat him with your face, Mr. Hammerhead!

Oh yeah! The good guys (total opinion!) are back in the lead. Peck him! Peck him reeeaaaal good!

This is it! Beary Bear is getting ready to finish Mr. Ghosty! But wait... is this enough can this finish the strike?! Oh noooo!

He completely missed Mr. Ghosty! What's going to happen?! Will this cruel striker try to finish off Beary Bear?! How will this amazing story end!


Just kidding! Hahhahaha... ha ha. Sorry!

Wait a minute! What?! He's... he's... helping Beary Bear up?! Maybe Mr. Ghosty isn't too bad? Maybe there's other ways to settle this, other than fighting? Maybe...

Hooray! The strike is over finally! Woohoo! They found out how to end it... COOKIES!!! It's the yummiest kind of peace! Mmmmmm. Yummy! Now everyone's happy! Hey... wait a minute! Did Godzilla just eat a cookie?!


Any Occasion Boutique said...

YES!!! The strike has ended civilly! Cookies are always welcome in the negotiation process ;-)

Big hugs, little man!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Ahhh, Finally -- PEACE! Wooo Hoooo!!
Way to go my small friend. That was a fun series of posts! :o) {I love that you used Sonic. My hair looks like his when I wake up in the morning, so he's close to my heart!}

Alls well that ends well, eh? Yum for the coooooookies! nom nom nom...

D said...

Does this mean I can come back inside now??? It's getting quiet cold for sleeping on the porch.


Rocki said...

LOL! :0 (Loud laughter, neighbors hear and wonder what's so darn funny)

Very good Josh, great ending & LOVE the photos!! You are just too funny buddy - ha ha ha "funny buddy" - I love the gleam in Godzilla's mouth.

So, are you going to let D back in? I hear it is pretty darn cold over there!

(you don't have enough stuffed animals - I know what I can include in your next care package!)

Josh said...

Thanks a lot everyone! That was some conclusion, wasn't it? Oh, and D, you can come back inside now. I'm just not sure if the FAT Penguin would like that! Speaking of animals, Rocki, I named my pet rock after you. It's Debi!

Rocki said...

Oh Josh how cute! That's a great name and thank you!! Just make sure to feed it wheat-free & dairy-free dark chocolate several times a day with LOTS of water. :)

manamoon said...

hmmmm... Wow! It's a good thing those cookies showed up, other wise the house would've been a reck! (I couldn't help but wonder as I read if perhaps a little aggravation from starting the new school seeped in?? Just perhaps...)

Great job Joshie and now we can return to your regularly scheduled postings. :D

Rocki said...

I'm checking out your Traffic Feed... I think I might add that to my blog - pretty cool!

manamoon said...

Hey Joshie, when you get a chance please visit my blog, I've left something for you.