Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Here!

Weeeeeell, I got a mysterious package a couple of days ago. I had no idea who sent it or why. But to my surprise... Rocki sent me a care package! I cut away at the box to fiiiiind... a box for a ceiling lamp! My mom said that Rocki told her she was sending something, but it wasn't a lamp. Ooooooohh, I really wanted a lamp! So, I cut at this box too, and I saw all of this!
In case you can't see everything, I got: A Halloween PEZ (candy dispenser), tons of postcards, an Arizona cap, a pet rock (named Debi!), and a deck of Arizona playing cards. That was a mouthful! But anyway, thanks to Rocki for sending me all of that! Oh, and Debi says Hi!


Angie Kelly Designs said...

Yay for you Josh! I'm glad your care package arrived safe and sound. Looks like ya got some mighty good things in there. Enjoy them! Have a great week :o)

Rocki said...

You are just too cute Josh! I love this picture of you, but the one of you walking 'Debi' is priceless!

I'm glad you liked your box of goodies. Next time I'll send you the lamp ;)

Tell 'Debi' I say hello as well and to make sure and eat all of her dark chocolate!

manamoon said...

Gee he almost makes it sounds like I told him the package was coming... nope! Kept my mouth shut even though I knew there was a surprise care package on the way! :D

Josh didn't explain what a frustrating day he was having and how his eyes lit up when he saw a box addresses to HIM! But they I suppose he couldn't see those eyes as we was using them, LOL!

Thank you so much "Aunti Rocki" - you're an absolute angel! Oh and little Debi is enjoying her choco pebbles, heehee!

Any Occasion Boutique said...

Oooo I like Pez candies. Yummy yummy for my tummy! The sweetest gifts come in the smallest packages ;-) Just make sure you check them before you eat them....Rocki's has been on an oxidizing kick lately. LOL!!!! (hey, Josh *poke-poke* Can I hide here??)

Rocki said...

Oh I'm so glad that little Debi is eating her choco pebbles! Those are her FAVorites! ;)

Rocki said...

Hey buddy! We received a 'little' post card from a very special someone yesterday. THANK YOU!! That truly made my day!
Hugs and more hugs :)

Happy Halloween!