Friday, October 17, 2008

Defending Your Rights! Part 3

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On this issue of Scribbles of an Ancient Soul: The PJ's strike is in it's final moments, and the stuffed animals are going wild. How this dramatic story will end?! The only way to answer that is to go to our reporter on the streets.

Mr. Skeleton has been striking today! But nowadays he goes by the name, Mr. Ghosty. It seems like he's so hungry, he's past dead, he's dead dead! This is an example of what happens when it's too late to save a toy. He's past the point of no return! Sad, isn't it?

As you can see, food is getting so scarce that people are resorting to extreme methods. This poor striker is being eaten alive by the... PEZ cow! Let me get this straight, a PEZ cow is eating some kind of animal with a bud and leaves fused to his back. It's okay, this reporter is confused too!

Eyewitnesses have reported that this komodo dragon is on strike for dental reasons. He has no dentist, no toothpaste, and no teeth since the Dragons for Dentistry amendment was taken from the Constitution in 1992. This act was a hard blow to all reptiles out there. Sorry about the poor photo, we're having minor technical difficulties.

This picture brings one word to this reporter's head, Justice! If you read yesterday's issue, then you know exactly what I mean! This penguin was seen yesterday, viciously eating shark bodies. This reporter has heard that it is more gentle nowaday... This Just In! A mob has appeared outside! We're going to our reporter at the scene!

This angry mob is... is horrifying to see! This reporter has never seen so much destruction! It's absolutely Shhhh... What's going Shhh... on Shhhhhh... My Go... Shhhhh... Aaaaaa Shhhh... aaaah Ssshhhhhhhhhh!

Sorry, We're Experiencing Technical Difficulties!


Scarlet Fields said...

Follow the yellow brick road to the offical PJ Strike Zone! I feel an art piece coming on! I am so enjoying this Josh-Keep it up-you rock! Scarlet

Edd said...

Great bloging. The best little character, for me, is the ghost. COOL!!!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Aww MAN! Don't leave us in suspense Josh! OMG! I can't take it! lol

Josh said...

Thanks Everyone. This strike is getting more and more interesting everyday! As for you, Angie, this is what you get for keeping the "project" thingy a secret. But all will be revealed in the amazing, super, fantastic CONCLUSION!!!

agoodwitchtoo said...

The suspense is agonizing!

D said...

OH DEAR, OH DEAR, I am still trying to bandage myself up. OH God, won't someone help me............AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Any Occasion Boutique said...

AAAH HA HAHAHAHA! I do believe, Angie, you have been been "dissed" by the Striker!!! My, my, little are being quite suspensful. I shall wait patiently. *whistle...whistle....Are we there yet????*