Sunday, December 7, 2008

This Just In: "It's Yummy"

I'm putting off my poem to tomorrow because there's a bigger and more important story, and it's scrumptious! Laura of Any Occasion Boutique has just opened up an Etsy shop called: Laura Lee's Tasty Treats. This new shop is filled with many chocolaty, peanuty, and delicious-y treats and desserts. I would recommend the scrumptious "black-tie cookie bars". They're chocolatastic! If you're a cinnamon sugar lover, try the "Grammy's Snickerdoodle". And if you like something classic but still unique, get the "Nutty PBJ Bars". I guarantee that anyone who eats will love this shop. So go out into the Etsy world aaaand... Buy The Treats! They're Tasty!

Update: So I decided to go back to the shop for the first time since Sunday. I thought that things couldn't have changed too much, but that I should check just in case. Wrong! It turns out that the list gets longer and tastier every day! So if you visited it once, for your sake, visit it again!

Amatum et Pacis (Love and Peace),



manamoon said...

Oh what a delicious posting! Having already tried some of Laura's delectable treats I can say I'm a huge fan and have already bought more of her cookies, yuuuuum!!

Rocki said...

Wow Josh, you may have a career in advertising!

Great post and thanks, on behalf of my other sister :)

Any Occasion Boutique said...

Oh my little brought tears to my eyes :-D This has got to be one of the best postings every! THANK YOU ;-)

I heard that there was "someone" in your family that really enjoyed the Black Tie cookie bars ;-) (I won't tell...I like them, too!!)

I'm with my sis, you have a career in advertising. I'm the one that bakes these goods and now I want to EAT them! HAHAH!!!

Thank you sweetie for you big heart.
Love you,